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Bunbury Decking guarantees skill and expertise in outdoor decking

Residential decking

Imagine enjoying the breeze outdoors after a long day at work. Lounging outside with family and friends is a great way to bond but there is a way to make it better. Decking is a smart way to create a beautiful outdoor entertainment area that will make anyone want to stay for longer. Decks are highly versatile and can be used for nearly any outdoor needs like hosting guests, expanding the living area, or complementing the pool.
For the most trusted professionals and experts in decking in Bunbury, no one compares to Bunbury Decking’s team of professional decking installers. The company guarantees quality workmanship, skilled decking installers, and client satisfaction, providing only the best decking in Bunbury.
Bunbury Decking

Commercial decking

The versatility of decks is endless and ranges from residential to commercial uses. For homeowners, decking can transform front or backyards that would have otherwise gone unused. Decks can maximize the living space, creating more room for the family to make memories in. It can also provide an area for outdoor barbecues and hosting guests.
For business owners, adding a deck will create a warm ambience that will surely be memorable to any visitor. Decking also adds an area for seating customers. For those in Bunbury looking for decking builders near me, contact Bunbury Decking for quality deck design standards that will make any home or commercial space stand out.

Consultation for expert advice

The company also offers consultation services to provide expert advice and detailed plans, combining their experience with the clients’ vision to create the perfect deck. Client satisfaction is the company’s number one priority. To achieve this, their expert decking installers work closely with clients throughout the entire process to make a vision come to life.

Detailed planning with skilled builders

In decking installation, there are many factors to consider before the decking builders can start working including the deck design and the types of decking material to use. These are some of the things that the company will discuss with clients during the consultation process so that clients know exactly what they want and what they need.

Deck design

The most important factor to consider to jumpstart the planning process is knowing how the deck will be used as it determines the deck design. This way, the company can create a detailed plan with the client complete with a conceptual drawing of the deck.

Raised deck

For instance, installing a raised deck creates an area for enjoying a view. Commercial places can also create a large entertainment area by building a raised deck with multiple levels. Unlike ground-level decks, raised decks offer a solution to an outdoor area with uneven ground.

Freestanding deck

For those who prefer a lounging area separate from the main building, a freestanding deck can be built anywhere in the yard.

Anchored deck

For those who prefer a smooth transition from the indoors to the outdoors, anchored decks are the way to go.

Curved decking

To create a beautiful contrast to a building’s straight lines, clients might prefer curved decking. Curved decking is a unique style that is best left in the hands of skilled decking builders like Bunbury Decking. Contact them today for quality deck design standards unlike any other decking in Bunbury.

Types of decking material

Apart from the deck design, there are also many different types of decking materials to choose from, each with its pros and cons and unique end appearance. Choosing the right type of decking material is important to create the deck that best suits the client’s style, needs, budget, and long-term use. The two most popular options in Australia are timber and composite decking materials.

Timber decks

Timber decks are the classic choice for decking. The warmth and beauty of timber make it a great complement to both modern and traditional-style homes. Timber decks can either be made from softwood or hardwood. Softwoods are more economical and budget-friendly but they require more maintenance than hardwood. Hardwoods are more durable and are popular for that elegant finish that timber decks are known for.

Composite decks

Composite decking materials are made from a mixture of timber fibre and plastic, making them more resistant to rot and less likely to splinter compared to timber. Thus, even if they are more expensive at first, composite decking materials are more cost-effective in the long run.

Decking fixings

Along with the type of decking material, there are also several decking fixings to choose from.


Screws are the traditional choice and they are still a favourite of many decking builders especially when installing timber decking boards.

Hidden fasteners

Hidden fasteners are also available, mainly for composite decking boards, creating a seamless finish without the risk of loose screws.

Deck clips

Deck clips have the same smooth finish as hidden fasteners but require grooved decking boards.

Decking tiles

Decking fixings are mainly used to install decking boards but for those who already have a flat, solid surface outdoors, decking tiles can be used instead. Decking tiles provide an easy fix to any outdoor space as they come fixed to a lattice plastic that interlocks with other pieces. Decking tiles are available in wood or composite materials so clients can choose a variety most suitable for them.

Decking installation

A detailed plan, complete with the deck design and materials, makes decking installation simpler. However, decking installation can bump up the cost of the project if done wrong. Working with professionals like Bunbury Decking keeps the entire process stress-free, from the first consultation to the final screw, while guaranteeing quality deck design standards unlike any other decking in Bunbury.
The company knows the intricacies of decking installation and ensures not only a good-looking deck but a safe one as well. The company also works closely with clients to address the installation requirements of building a deck to keep the process smooth.

Maintenance services

Deck cleaning

Apart from consultation, planning, and installation, the company also offers maintenance services to keep decks in optimal condition. All decks, timber or composite, require a thorough cleaning at least annually.

Refinishing timber decks

Timber decks should also be refinished from time to time to keep the decking boards in top condition and to prevent rotting.

Safety checks

Safety checks should also be done annually to immediately address any vulnerability like rot or loose decking fixings, preventing more costly repairs later on. If rotting in the substructure was not caught early and had become extensive, the entire deck may have to be replaced for safety.

Repair and replacement

Decks are regularly exposed to the natural elements and are subject to a lot of foot traffic, making damage unavoidable over the years. The company provides repair and replacement services to keep decks looking good and structurally sound.

Decking is a huge project but the memories that will be made in the resulting warm, comfortable space are well worth the investment. With a detailed plan and a team of skilled decking builders, decking installation can be stress-free from start to finish. Working with Bunbury Decking ensures quality workmanship and client satisfaction by creating a beautiful and safe deck that meets the client’s style, budget, and needs. Contact the company today for the best decking in Bunbury and the most trusted decking builders near me.